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臺大醫學院 腦與心智科學研究所 誠徵助理教授級(含)以上教師



Faculty Position Open – Graduate Institute of Brain and Mind Sciences, National Taiwan University

(一)    職務:研究、教學、所務工作及研究生指導。

(二)    資格:具博士學位之醫師或研究人員,且具博士後研究經驗一年以上者。專長為分子與細胞神經生物學、系統神經科學、認知科學、計算神經科學、或相關臨床神經科學。凡具非常優秀之腦與心智科學研究成果者均歡迎申請。。

(三)    請檢具以下資料寄至台北市中正區100 仁愛路一段一號台大醫學院 腦與心智科學研究所新聘教師甄選委員會/謝松蒼主任委員:

(1) 個人履歷表、學經歷證件影本、全部著作目錄、代表性著作1~3篇、未來之研究及教學計劃(以上請附電子檔,寄至

(2) 三封推薦函(直接郵寄);

(四)     截止日期:民國102年5月31日

(五)     聯絡人:黃士齡小姐

聯絡電話:(02)2312-3456 ext 88920



Several faculty positions are available for applicants specialized in molecular and cellular neurobiology, systems neuroscience, cognitive science, computational neuroscience, or related clinical sciences.

Candidates with excellent track records in fields related to brain and mind sciences are all welcome to apply.

Candidates should hold a Ph.D. or M.D. / Ph.D. or Sc.D. degree with at least 1-year postdoctoral experience and have demonstrated achievement in their fields.

The successful candidate will be expected to develop a dynamic and collaborative research and teaching program in the well-equipped institute.

Applicants should submit (by post and E-mail) a Curriculum Vitae with a list of complete publications, a photocopy (or PDF) of Ph.D. or Sc. D. diploma, one to three representative published articles, a description of current and future research and teaching interests.

Besides, three letters of recommendation should be sent to Professor Sung-Tsang Hsieh by post by May 31st , 2013.

Contact Person:
Ms. Colleen Huang

Graduate Institute of Brain and Mind Sciences
College of Medicine
National Taiwan University
No 1, Sec 1, Jen-Ai Road
Taipei, Taiwan, 10002
Tel: 886-2-2312-3456 ext 88920
Fax: 886-2-2322-4814
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