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腦心所新聘教師公開演講 – 01/08 (三) – 01/09(四)

[2014/01/03] 地點:基醫 1505

講題:Amygdala-ventral pallidum pathway decreases dopamine activity following chronic mild stress in rats, an animal model of depression

外賓:Dr. 張鈞惠(Department of Neuroscience, University of Pittsburgh)

時間:2014/01/08, 12:00 pm


講題:Understand Neuronal function: from the perspectives of AD disease and cellular model

外賓:Dr. 姜學誠(Neuroscience, SUNY, Stony Brook, NY, USA)

時間:2014/01/08, 16:00 pm


講題:Olfactory Stimulation Promotes Behavioral Adaptation by Directing Small Endogenous RNA-Mediated Chromatin Changes

外賓:Dr. 莊碧簪 (Department of Cell and Tissue Biology, UCSF)

時間:2014/01/09, 14:00 pm