Dr. 李淑貞 演講 – 03/05 (三) 14:30 心理 N100

[2014/02/27] 講題:Cognitive and Motivational Development across the Lifespan: Interplays between Neuronal and Contextual Processes

外賓:Dr. 李淑貞 (Dresden University of Technology)

時間:2014/03/05, 14:30 am

地點:心理 N100

摘要:Behavioral, cognitive, and motivational development entails co-constructive interactions between the environmental and social influences from the developmental context, on the one hand, and the individual’s neurobiological inheritance, on the other hand. Key brain networks underlying cognition, emotion, and motivation are innervated by major transmitter systems (e.g., the catecholamines and acetylcholine). Thus, the maturation and senescence of neurotransmitter systems have direct implications for lifespan development. In addition to reviewing evidence on life age differences in dopaminergic modulation

and cognitive development, this brief review selectively highlights recent findings on how important influences from the developm編輯ental context, such as reward-mediated motivational processes, transgenerational stress transmission, psychosocial stress, and cognitive interventions, may, in part, exert their effects on brain and behavioral development through their effects on neuromodulatory mechanisms.