Seminar on Brain-Mind Issues 2013 Semester 1

Seminar on Brain-Mind Issues (102-1)

Course Code: GIBMS 7001

Course Description: This seminar will primarily be for institute students to present updates and latest findings on their research projects. The focus will be on the three core disciplines of the institute: 1) Cognitive, 2) Clinical, and 3) Neurobiological Neuroscience.

Course Objective: 1) To provide students with experience in scientific presentation. 2) To provide exposure to current interdisciplinary research conducted in the field of neuroscience.

Prerequisites: Course participants must be graduate students of the institute.

Time: Tue 10:20 am – 12:20 pm

Venue: College of Medicine Rm 403

Week Date Topic (click to see the abstract) Speaker
0 2013/09/03 Stereotypy and Plasticity in the Development of Drosophila Brains (BM 202) 李次民
1 2013/09/10 How Shunting Inhibition Controls the Gateway of the Hippocampus? (BM 202) 連正章
2 2013/09/17 A journey to identify novel analgesic drugs for chronic acid pain (BM 202) 陳志成
3 2013/09/24 The intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms for cortical patterning (BM 202) 周申如
4 2013/10/01 【學生報告】
童雋哲: Genome-wide profiling of parent-of-origin expression in the excitatory neurons of mouse visual cortex
陳正庭: White Matter Architecture associated Risk Preference in Older Adults
5 2013/10/08 【學生報告】
翁婉容: Evaluation of the effect of neonatal polyI:C exposure in Akt1 deficient mice and its behavioral consequence in adulthood
蘇煜翔: Fronto-Striatal Activity Underlies Heterogeneous Older Adult Value-Based Decisions
6 2013/10/15 【學生報告】
謝成: The differential chronic therapeutic effects of atomoxetine and methylphenidate for ADHD: a functional MRI study
楊立光: White Matter Integrity of Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Diffusion Spectrum Imaging Analysis
7 2013/10/22 【學生報告】
賴佳禾: Age differences in understanding referential expressions
湯詠爭: Older adults with distinct decision styles show differential neural feedback processing
8 2013/10/29 【學生報告】
黃駿: The Relationship between Top-Down Attention and Consciousness
袁淑韵: Brain volumetric and cognitive correlates of caloric intake in young and older adults
9 2013/11/05 【學生報告】
林洳甄: Central pain in Parkinson’s disease
蔡宏恩: Assessment of honey bee monocular depth perception in a virtual reality environment
10 2013/11/12 因 SFN 停課一週
11 2013/11/19 【學生報告】
黃士荃: Comprehensive profiling of genomic imprinting status in the interneurons of mouse visual cortex
洪浩植: The role of 5-HT6 receptor on calorie restriction induced memory enhancement
12 2013/11/26 【學生報告】
涂玉臻: Neural Correlates of Age-related Differences in Emphatic Decision Making
王怡婷: The synaptic function of NCS-1 in the bovine chromaffin cell
13 2013/12/03 【學生報告】
林佳儀: Determination of the genomic imprinting status in the astrocytes
陳昱潔: Developmental changes of cortical thickness and executive function in autism spectrum disorder
14 2013/12/10 【學生報告】
謝佩芬: Investigating the roles of RBFOX3 in brain development and behavior
陳怡均: Age-related differences in dorsal and ventral pathway involvement during syntactic processing
15 2013/12/17 【學生報告】
薛岱恩: The beneficial effects of calorie restriction on memory: phenotypic analysis of HTR6 knockout mice
陳璟瑜: Molecular mechanisms of neuropathic pain in dorsal root ganglia
林易瑾: Minocycline, levetiracetam, and everolimus may attenuate microglia activation and lengthen the latency of latter-life status epilepticus, an in Vivo and in Vitro approach
16 2013/12/24 【學生報告】
鄭雅云: Effects of nutritional manipulations on learning and memory
戴孜玲: The default network changes functional connectivity during different tasks
17 2013/12/31 【學生報告】
林為聖: LOE extends lifespan and attenuates age-related cognitive decline in fruit flies
黃廷瑋: Interaction of FBXL14 and Schizophrenia Associated Gene DISC1 in Mouse Embryonic Brain
18 2014/01/07 因 期末考 停課一週