Seminar on Brain-Mind Issues 2013 Semester 2

Seminar on Brain-Mind Issues (102-2)

Course Code: GIBMS 7001

Course Description: This seminar will primarily be for institute students to present updates and latest findings on their research projects. The focus will be on the three core disciplines of the institute: 1) Cognitive, 2) Clinical, and 3) Neurobiological Neuroscience.

Course Objective: 1) To provide students with experience in scientific presentation. 2) To provide exposure to current interdisciplinary research conducted in the field of neuroscience.

Prerequisites: Course participants must be graduate students of the institute.

Time: Tue 10:20 am – 12:20 pm

Venue: College of Medicine Rm 503

Week Date Topic (click to see the abstract) Speaker
1 2014/02/18 Brain Imaging and Modulation of Acute and Chronic Pain (BM 202) David M. Niddam
2 2014/02/25 Role of CISD2 in Aging and Mitochondria Associated Diseases Ting-Fen Tsai
3 2014/03/04 Mismatch negativity (MMN) as a tool for searching the precursors of dyslexia in the infants and children (BM 202) Chia-Ying Lee
4 2014/03/11 Vascular contributions to neurodegeneration: an epidemiological perspective (BM 202) Raymond Lo
5 2014/03/18 Neuronal morphogenesis and neurodevelopment disorder – a story about T-brain-1, amygdala and autism (BM 202) Yi-Ping Hsueh
6 2014/03/25 Hong-En Tsai: Assessment of honey bee monocular depth perception in a virtual reality environment.
Jheng-Ting Chen: Age-related effect on System 1 white matter architecture involved in risky decision.
Hong-En Tsai, Jheng-Ting Chen
7 2014/04/01 Ting-Wei Huang: Interaction of FBXL14 and Schizophrenia Associated Gene DISC1 in Mouse Embryonic Brain.
Yu-Shiang Su: Aging is Associated with Striatal Dedifferentiation and Frontal Overactivation
During Choice Value Processing.
Ting-Wei Huang, Yu-Shiang Su
8 2014/04/08 Neville Huang:Differential chronic therapeutic effects of atomoxetine and methylphenidate for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a counting Stroop functional MRI study.
Stanley Chia Seng:Top-Down Attention & Consciousness Effect on Categorical Priming.
Neville Huang, Stanley Chia Seng
9 2014/04/15 Chun-Che Tung:Genome-wide profiling of parent-of-origin expression in the excitatory neurons of mouse visual cortex.
Yi-Ting Wang:The synaptic function of NCS-1 in the bovine chromaffin cell.
Chun-Che Tung, Yi-Ting Wang
10 2014/04/22 Yong-Jheng Tang: Age-related differences in decision styles modulate feedback processing.
Ru-Jen Lin: Central pain in Parkinson’s disease.
Li-Kuang Yang: Alteration of white matter tract integrity property in adults with ADHD as compared to healthy adults: A diffusion spectrum imaging study using whole brain tract-based automatic analysis.
Yong-Jheng Tang, Ru-Jen Lin, Li-Kuang Yang
11 2014/04/29 Shu-Yun Yuan: Gray matter volumetric and cognitive correlates of dietary intake in young and older adults.Chia-Ho Lai: Age-related differences in processing Chinese pronouns – an ERP study. Shu-Yun Yuan, Chia-Ho Lai
12 2014/05/06 Wen-You Cheng:Wei-Sheng Lin: Wen-You Cheng, Wei-Sheng Lin
13 2014/05/13 【學生報告】
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15 2014/05/27 【學生報告】
16 2014/06/03 【學生報告】
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18 2015/01/07 因期末考 停課一週