I-Fan Fu

Ifan is a M.Sc. student in Brain and Mind Sciences mentored by Dr. Josh Goh. She obtained her B.S. in Communication with a program in Neurobiology and Cognitive Science at National Taiwan University. Prior to her postgraduate journey, she investigated neural substrates of the cognitive and emotional processing induced by mode switches in music under the mentorship of Dr. Chen-Gia Tsai.

Ifan’s research seeks to elucidate how the experience of stress and individual differences in cognitive processes increase the risk for psychopathology. Currently, she is focusing on advancing research about reward-stress resilience mechanisms in moderating how people cope with potential aversive events. Ifan’s overarching goal is to better understand cognitive processing and environmental experience in shaping individuals’ mental resilience, so as to pinpoint salutary roles and inform the creation of interventions that help vulnerable members subdue the environment—to live happier.

Outside of the lab, Ifan is a music enthusiast playing the violin. She also enjoys filmmaking, backpacking, freediving, and hiking through the woods.


Ifan’s email: everliefu@gmail.com

Graduate Institute of Brain and Mind Sciences (GIBMS)
National Taiwan University College of Medicine

Rm 1245, 12F., No. 1, Sec. 1, Ren’ai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei 10051, Taiwan (R.O.C.)