Yi-Chuang Lin

Research Assistant










Why do people make certain decisions, and how do these decisions shape their perspective of the world? Can these decision-making processes be generalized to a specific formula? Or, more importantly, can people change by learning to make different decisions?

Before starting as a research assistant, I received my M.S. in Brain and Mind Sciences (Cognitive Neuroscience) and B.S. in Physics here at National Taiwan University. Specifically, I am intrigued by how decision-making helps one understand and evaluate the world, as well as how it is formed and developed throughout one’s life.

My master thesis investigates how decision-making enhances the neural representations in the Hippocampus during spatial navigation using fMRI. Currently, I am engaged in a collaboration project that aims to implant theory of mind in home-service robots to improve elderly care using artificial intelligence that predicts social preferences.


Graduate Institute of Brain and Mind Sciences

National Taiwan University College of Medicine

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