Yi-Xin Fang

I am YiXin, a research assistant at BMLab, where I am dedicated to furthering our understanding of occupational therapy(OT), aging, and cognitive health.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from National Taiwan University, where I established a strong foundation in rehabilitation and wellness principles. During my hospital internship as an OT, I aided numerous patients in their cognitive rehabilitation. This experience sparked a crucial question in my mind: could the observed functional and behavioral improvements be accompanied by corresponding changes in their brains?

This curiosity inspired me to pursue a Master’s degree at the Graduate Institute of Brain and Mind Sciences at National Taiwan University, focusing on enhancing cognitive health in older adults. My thesis centered on the innovative application of LEGO robot programming to delay cognitive decline in the elderly. It involved a specialized program engaging older adults in repetitive inference processing, along with behavioral and neural assessments via neuropsychological tests and fMRI before and after the intervention to elucidate the benefits of our program. My ultimate goal is to bring happiness and a sense of blessing to people as they approach the later stages of their lives.

Graduate Institute of Brain and Mind Sciences
National Taiwan University college of medicine
Rm 1245
Email: yixin.miranda.fang@gmail.com