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Seminar 學生報告 – 陳怡均、林易瑾 – 06/10 (二) 10:20 基醫503

[2014/05/27] 講題:Age-related differences in inter- and -intra hemospheric connecetion involvement during syntactic processing

學生:陳怡均 (碩士班一年級)

時間:2014/06/10, 10:20 am



講題:Minocycline,levetiracetam, and everolimus may attenuate microglia activation and lengthen the latency of latter-life status epilepticus an in Vivo and in Vitro approach

學生:林易瑾 (碩士班一年級)

時間:2014/06/10, 11:10 am


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