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Seminar 學生報告 – 袁淑韵、賴佳禾 – 04/29 (二) 10:20 基醫503

[2014/04/15] 講題:Gray matter volumetric and cognitive correlates of dietary in young and older adults.

學生:袁淑韵 (碩士班二年級)

時間:2014/04/29, 10:20 am



講題:Age-related differences in processing Chinese pronouns – an ERP study

學生:賴佳禾 (碩士班二年級)

時間:2014/04/29, 11:10 am


Seminar 學生報告 – 湯詠爭、林洳甄、楊立光 – 04/22 (二) 10:20 基醫1505

[2014/04/08] 講題:Age-related differences in decision styles modulate feedback processing

學生:湯詠爭 (碩士班二年級)

時間:2014/04/22, 10:20 am



講題:Central pain in Parkinson’s disease

學生:林洳甄 (碩士班二年級)

時間:2014/04/22, 11:10 am



講題:Alteration of White Matter Tract Integrity Property in Adults with ADHD as Compared to Healthy Adults: A Diffusion Spectrum Imaging Study Using Whole Brain Tract-Based Automatic Analysis

學生:楊立光 (碩士班二年級)

時間:2014/04/22, 12:20 am


Seminar 學生報告 – 童雋哲、王怡婷 – 04/15 (二) 10:20 基醫503

[2014/04/01] 講題:Genome-wide profiling of parent-of-origin expression in the excitatory neurons of mouse visual cortex

學生:童雋哲 (碩士班二年級)

時間:2014/04/15, 10:20 am



講題:The synaptic function of NCS-1 in the bovine chromaffin cell

學生:王怡婷 (碩士班一年級)

時間:2014/04/15, 11:10 am


Seminar 學生報告 – 黃廷瑋、蘇煜翔 – 04/01 (二) 10:20 基醫503

[2014/03/18] 講題:Interaction of FBXL14 and Schizophrenia Associated Gene DISC1 in Mouse Embryonic Brain

學生:黃廷瑋 (碩士班二年級)

時間:2014/04/01, 10:20 am



講題:Aging is Associated with Striatal Dedifferentiation and Frontal Overactivation During Choice Value Processing

學生:蘇煜翔 (碩士班二年級)

時間:2014/04/01, 11:10 am


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